After the wedding is over and the thank yous are sent.

When the pictures get hung and you glance at that frame.

May you always relive the memory it holds.

The way you felt as your bride walked towards you.

How safe you were dancing in their arms.

The joy of the promises you spoke, for better for worse.

More than a photo, more than a frame, 

As you forever reach for the hand that held yours that day

Let the decor on the wall become a witness to your love

Hey there!

I'm Kyra

I became a wedding photographer because I not only fell in love with wedding stories but marriage stories too.

Cause I'm not only taking your wedding photos, but I'm also rooting you on as you enter the next adventure together.

Photographs are magical like that, full of feelings and nostalgia that transport us back like no time even passed. Forever telling its story.

And that's my mission on your wedding day.


The joy, love, and candidness captured from the day become more than decor on the walls, but a part of your story. A witness to your love.

Always taking you back to the first day you spoke ‘I do!’. I love that I get to be a part of telling these beautiful love stories!

I currently live in Tennessee with my husband and our two cats. I love to be outside and by the water. Am obsessed with too many kinds of tea, and always down for chit-chats on personality typology.


Your wedding photographer, marriage cheerleader, honorary member of the bridal party. Ready, rain or shine, to give you an elevated wedding day experience. 

More adventures over on the gram: @kyra.rane

10 facts about Kyra


Met my husband at an ugly sweater Christmas party



So tell me, what do we have in common? Anything else you want to know? I would love to be your wedding photographer if you think we're the right fit. Let me know!