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kyra rane photography | appleton wedding photographers | wisconsin wedding photographers | kyra@kyrarane.com


My purpose is simple. To document beauty.

And love and marriage are beautiful things.


For me, it's so much more than a photo. An authentic moment to capture. I'm rooting you on as you enter the biggest and most beautiful adventure of your life. 


Cause marriage is hard, and it's work.

But I believe it's worth fighting for.

And sometimes that fight needs a little help.

After the wedding is over,

and the thank yous are sent.

When the pictures get hung.


I pray when you glance at that frame,

you always relive the memory it holds.

You remember...

The way you felt as your bride walked towards you.

How safe you were dancing in his arms.

Your promises to choose, till death do us part.

And it puts it all back into perspective,

as you reach for the hand that you held that day

     vowing to forever have and to hold.

These are the moments I capture and cherish.

They become more than decor on the walls.

They become living memories that are kept forever,

     never too far away.


They become a witness to your love.


belly aching laughter. cookies for breakfast. giving back, and random acts of kindness.

loving courageously. being present. documenting emotion and authentic moments.

sharing a smile with everyone I meet.



Sleeping under the stars, reading in a hammock, coffee by the fire - I could never tire of the simple joys camping brings me.