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Under the Umbrella | Hammocks and Rest

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

This week went by so fast!!

  • We spent the weekend up north with my folks and I finally got to test our Grand Trunk hammock we received from them for Christmas! I love it, I think I could live in it! We had a really relaxing weekend camping and rejuvenating ourselves before the busy hits!

  • I came home to our lilacs fully bloomed! I love, love fresh flowers and it made the balcony smell real nice for a few days. :D

  • It's been pretty hot around here and everyone is feeling it, even the kitties. We're not going to complain about the weather, but I've been finding them sprawled out in all the odd places, like the table and floors, attempting to cool off. They are so silly.

  • Our balcony has become my favorite place in the new home. It's become a sweet place for me to enjoy my morning coffee, read, write, and even work. I've been really cherishing my still moments out on it.

  • Had the delight of hosting my first wedding consultation with a couple at our new home this week to hear more about their wedding vision and details, and enjoy some delicious cookies I am so excited for these two, and can't wait for their wedding in August!

  • Finally, this weekend my wedding season begins, so I've been prepping like crazy for the wonderful weekend ahead with my good friends Bobby & Emily and Adam & Kailey! Double header wedding weekend here I come!!

I'm so thankful for this week! Here's to the weekend!

Kyra Rane