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My Journey to Ethical Fashion

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Living on purpose goes deeper than living a life of meaning.

It's recognizing that my choices have an impact on others,

and consciously choosing to make that impact a positive one.

It hit me one day. I was sitting on my couch and simply looked around my home. I noticed everything that fills it and thought, 'Where did all of this stuff actually come from?'

All the items that fill our homes don't just come from stores. It started with someone's hands. Hands that might not have had a break for 12 hours. Hands that didn't hold a plate of food for a day or so. Hands that couldn't calm a child at home cause they're were working one job to the next. Let's call the kettle black and agree that this means of living is not okay.

I become so overwhelmed when I considered how much of our stuff, our habits, our need to fill more, and always have new impacts someone else! I can't solve all the problems, but I can encourage a better way. Fairness has always been a word I lived by. I know life does not guarantee us a fair one, but I can be fair. I can do my part to make choices that defend my passions, and share those resources with others. That's why striving towards ethical living is so important to me.

Some might feel fair trade is a pricey trend, something that's cool to hop on the bandwagon of for those that can afford it. I believe choosing fair trade is so much more than that. You are purchasing something created by hands that were given a fair wage and safe working conditions. You are investing in a business that has made it its mission to treat humanity with ethical compensation. In my humble opinion, this should be the default. Fairtrade should be normal. A trend I hope that never goes out of style.

This purpose to live my life consciously doesn't just stop for me. I want to help and encourage others to do it too. I want to share fair trade alternatives and do good products or organizations with you!

So welcome to my journey to ethical fashion.

If you're like me, you're overwhelmed by the idea of transitioning into ethical living and simply don't know where to start. Here are three very simple steps to help you on your own discovery of ethical living.

1) Educate yourself. Learn more about Fair Trade, it's process, and why it's important for you by educating yourself through articles, documentaries, and books. Some of my favorite blogs are

2) Start Small. Living ethically is a process and little steps are big progress. You're probably not going to accomplish the whole switch in one night, so give yourself grace as it will take time. Maybe determine a few staples in your life that you use regularly that you're going to commit to buying fair trade. Such as coffee, accessories, or basic clothing.

3) Buy used. This is true for anything in your home, from furniture to fashion. Whenever I am interested in a new piece of furniture, I scour Craigslist and local thrift shops until I find what we're looking for. Not to mention prevents from adding more unnecessary waste to our landfills. Just about everything in my wardrobe is from thrift stores or hand me downs, there are only a few items I buy new and when I do I choose to purchase from companies that are committed to ethical and fair trade practices. It takes time to find the right pieces or save up, and my wardrobe isn't full of the latest trends, but I don't mind. Thrifting has not only saved me money, but it has supported a purpose that has fulfilled me more than being stylish in the eyes of others. By purchasing items second hand it delays creating more items that aren't fair trade.

I am so passionate about organizations that have fair trade products or that give back to social causes that promote fairness. Comment below with some of your favorites!

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