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Live Fully, Guilt Free

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

It's sometimes so hard to pull myself away from the unending 'To-Do' list that always seems impossible to catch up on. It causes me to turn down moments of rest, precious time with friends and family, and opportunities to do other things I enjoy. But I don't want that to be my year or your year! A year where our work becomes our life and the summer fun passes us by because we were just 'too busy'.

But one of the weird things I have experienced from being a small business owner is that even when we take the time to choose the fun over the work we feel GUILTY.

You know the feeling, don't you. As you're do something fun, you question yourself and whether you deserve to take the time off! If whether you should actually be working over resting. Let me just stop it right there and affirm you now: be free from the guilt! Take the time to invest in YOU. Do it. Do something this week for yourself, and don't feel guilty about it. Guilt is just a bad leach you need to kick off your team. Trust me when I say that taking time for you will pay off way more than what being pushed around by guilt will produce.

I took some much needed time with my ladies doing my favorite thing under the sun - camping! We stepped away from our work and chose to have a trip unplugged. We hung in our hammocks, ate too many s' mores, laid by the water, and let nature fill us up. I am so grateful for friends that just get it. The need to rewind and getaway, even if it's not that far away. Who join in my love for the woods, follow me through trails I don't actually know where they go, and let me be while I chill with my nose in a book. I am loving my summer and I hope you do too!

As it continues, embrace your moments. Live fully, guilt-free!

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