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Upper Peninsula Cabin Vacation

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Karl and I love to travel and experience new places. But sometimes nothing beats just getting away to familiar places for some rest and relaxation. And that's exactly what we did this last week. We went up to the majestic Upper Peninsula and stayed at our friend's cozy little cabin in the middle of nowhere off of Lake Huron. You guys, it was perfect. Every day we would wake up, and enjoy our breakfast and coffee on the deck overlooking the lake. There is something so peaceful about a morning by the water. We filled the rest of the day with hammock napping, canoeing, reading by the water, and even some yoga. Even when it rained, it was still perfect. We played scrabble and attempted puzzles...I say attempted, cause puzzles are really hard. You feel so accomplished when you complete the border, but quickly realize you still have 425 pieces to still match. And that's how I feel about puzzles.

We really don't have a plan when we go to the cabin, which is kind of the point. To get away and unplug rest, and enjoy quality time with each other. Something that is hard to do during the hustle and bustle of summer. On one of the days, we actually drove into Canada and got to explore a little. It was a lot of fun to be tourists for a while since we both had never been to Canada before! It was the perfect way to get out for a little bit.

There is nothing like the UP. The sunsets paint the sky with deep pinks and purples, and the stars twinkle bright all across the night. We never tire of the views, and look forward to hopefully going back next year! Maybe we'll stay a night or two in Canada?

Yes, we're those people that bring our cats on vacation :D

This sunset!!

Hello Canada!

The park had the coolest thing I had ever seen! Fitness equipment, basically a playground for adults. We pretended to be Olympians :D


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