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7 Tips to Getting the Best Wedding Photos

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

After you've chosen your wedding photographer, you're probably anticipating the beautiful images that will be captured on your day. But you might be wondering if there is anything more you could do to help make everything the best it can be, so here are a few tips you can consider to help your photographer get the best wedding day photos!

1) Have A Timeline. I love to work with each of my couples to create a timeline that they can share with other vendors, family members, and their wedding party. This helps everyone be aware of what is next, without having a dozen people interrupting your moments while you're getting ready asking, "What time do the guys need to be ready again?" or "What time are we doing family photos." The time dedicated to pictures is limited and will go by fast. Having a timeline helps everyone involved in your day know when things are happening and where they need to be, allowing your time to be fully used for picture taking and not waiting for others to be present. It's a win-win for everyone. Those celebrating your day with you will appreciate knowing what is expected of them, and you'll get lots of beautiful images cause you protected the time used for them!

2) Do a First Look. There is something so unique and special about seeing your spouse-to-be for the very first time on your wedding day. When you do a first look you can both have a moment alone together to soak up your day before it all happens too fast. You get the unique ability to embrace and hold each other when you first see each other, and can talk and laugh as you prepare for the ceremony. I absolutely love to capture these intimate moments full of genuine emotions. What's even better is that you end up getting more photos!

3) Go Unplugged. You've hired a professional you trust to capture your day, and they'll go above and beyond to deliver beautiful images of your day. By recommending guests not use personal cameras you'll have less cell phones blocking special moments like the first kiss, and people looking at their phones instead of you. Let your guests simply be present and enjoy your day, and let your photographer do the work of picture taking!

4) A Personal Touch. I love to photograph little details that help tell who you are as a couple. Such as the veil that belonged to your mother, or the pearls you borrowed from your sister-in-law. Whatever it might be, don't be afraid to add personal touches to your day. It helps to have all those items together in a box or bag ready for me to photograph when I arrive.

5) Consider Your Environment. When deciding on where to get married or where to do your wedding photos, consider what will make for a nice backdrop for your photos and what you'll want to fill the frames in your house with. Do you want greenery, florals, colored leaves, a winter wonderland? It's good to consider your environment and season when deciding when and where to get married.

6) Do An Engagement Session. While this isn't something you do on your wedding day, the interactions and confidence you get from doing and engagement session with your photographer helps with your comfort of being photographed on your wedding day. I love doing engagement sessions with my couples. It gives me the chance to get to know them more, anticipating how they interact with each other that shows who they are. I like to pull that out during their wedding day, keeping their photos genuine and authentic to them!

7) Relax + Have Fun. This is probably the most important. This is your big day. It's an exciting day and you've invested a lot of time, energy, and resources to enjoy it - so enjoy it! If you're stressed and flustered, it will show in your photos. The best way to look your best in your wedding day photos is to be relaxed and yourself!

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