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My Word for 2017

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

Hello, 2017!

As I was looking back on my year, and reflecting on the different parts of my life and business, I noticed a common word coming back in my notes.

I often felt restless in achieving more purpose in my life throughout 2016. I felt I was weighted down by comparisons, perfections, and should do's. When I'm 80, and I look back on my life, I want to be filled with joy as I look back at how I chose to spend my life - with purpose. And so a new mindset begins.

Cause every breath I am given has a reason, and I want to live each one deeply. I want to spend my moments more intentionally and choose them more carefully. I want to say 'no' to things that don't bring life to me and those around me, and 'yes' to moments that matter. I think we can all sometimes feel aimless with our purpose, but if I'm more intentionally thinking about what really matters in the long run - I think I'll also find more freedom and balance. Cause the better we become at being able to protect those boundaries in our life, the more margin we'll be able to enjoy doing things we're passionate about. And the more I let go of the idea that perfect will achieve purpose better, the more I'll be able to rest in the grace of progress.

Cause the truth is, I'm not perfect. I'm not a perfect writer, I'm not a perfect wife, and I"m not a perfect photographer.

And I will choose to embrace all the imperfect, so I can more fully chase after living out my purpose.

I simply want to be a part of a much bigger picture than myself, and I invite you in with me. Here's to a new of living with more intention, and more purpose.


Kyra Rane

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