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You're Engaged, Now What?! | 4 Tips to A Successful Engagement

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

So you're engaged! Congratulations!!

He popped the question, you said "YES!", and now you've got some bling that you're finding distracting while drive! You've shared the news with family and friends, changed your status on FB, and now you've hit planning mode! Let the Pinteresting (is that even a word? In the wedding community - it is now!) begin!

So what really does happen now? Besides all the great wedding planning tips you can just about find anywhere on the internet, I've put together a list of four tips that I've learned, observed, experienced, and shared with others to help experience a successful engagement that I want to now pass onto you - you newly engaged person you!

1) Enjoy it. Before you jump into high planning mode, simply enjoy the moments. Karl and I prolonged any sort of planning until a few weeks after we became engaged just so we could breathe in the new excitement, and enjoy being able to say my fiance whenever we talked of the other. When people ask, "When's the big day?" Simply tell them a date hasn't been set yet, but they'll know when you know! Engagement really is special season. It's a time filled with joy and wonder as you excitedly dream and plan for a new journey to start. Believe me when I say it goes by fast. So enjoy the moments knowing it won't last forever.

2) Make time to date each other. This may sound silly, but you might be surprised at how easy it can be to replace the title 'fiance' with 'co-party planning committee member'. Be intentional to not let all your conversation and time spent together be consumed solely with wedding planning. Turn it off once and awhile and cuddle on the couch while you binge on New Girl, or take a day-cation and tour a local brewery. Just simply enjoy the other without tackling the wedding 'To-Do'.

3) Pick your battles. I'm going to keep this short, cause while it's much easier said than done, but the truth is quite simple. Some battles just aren't worth it. There's something about the season of engagement which can bring out conversations and frustrations that may not have been expressed until this point. And it can be difficult to learn how to 'fight well'. But sometimes it's just best to forgo the need to have the last word, or be told you're right. Take a tip from Elsa of Frozen and Let it go. Let it go. This practice will continue well into marriage, so consider engagement a head start.

4) Communicate, communicate, communicate. Guys, I can't say this one enough. Build up the habit of simply choosing to communicate with your partner. From feelings to expectations, the easy and the hard. I was once told this wise phrase that became a light bulb moment for me and Karl: 'What's obvious to you, is obvious to you'. I can't expect Karl to know what I am feeling or needing unless I communicate it to him. If I'm not fine, but when asked, "What's up?" and I respond by saying, "I"m fine." And I expect Karl to decode the message cause he should know better, and know hat I'm actually upset because h left his wet towel on the bed - again. I've just made a game out of communication, and made it way more complicated than it needs to be. Learn to talk, and learn to listen. And learn to love it! Communication is a key tool to a healthy marriage, and a successful engagement.

Happy Engagement, and the best wishes to you both!


Kyra Rane

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