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How to Celebrate Valentine's Day BIG This Year

"We make a living by what we get,

but we make a life by what we give."

- Winston Churchill

This week has been all about preparing for Valentine's Day. I shared gifts that give back for him and for her, and now I've saved the best for last.

How to celebrate Valentine's Day and Give back too! There is something so rewarding about giving, and it simply never gets old. Giving to those around us doesn't need to be complicated and it doesn't need to require much, there is always something we can do in our everyday lives to give to others.

Maybe you're sick of hearing about Valentine's Day. Maybe you're single and you just don't want to think about the day. I get it, I really do. But here's the thing, you don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate this day or to make it great for you or those around you!!

Let's make this Valentine's Day the BEST one yet by thinking beyond ourselves. Whether you do some of these things below by yourself, with a girlfriend/boyfriend, your best friends, or a stranger, it really doesn't mater. What matters is that you spread love. Be love and share love, and take the day to think about others. I promise you, you're going to have a great Valentine's Day!

So, are you ready to go big this Valentine's Day?

1) Offer to watch your friends' kids so they can have a night out together. As families grow it can be harder to get nights out, especially when a babysitter is required. So switch roles for the night, bring a pizza and the latest Disney movie, and let your friends have a romantic night out. Someday you'll be glad to have the favor returned!

2) Deliver flowers and a smile to a local nursing home. As couples age, they might lose the one who has always been their Valentine. Bring some joy this Valentine's Day with some fresh flowers, letting those in the home know they are being thought of today.

3) Serve dinner at a local homeless shelter. Grab some of your friends and serve a hot meal together. Volunteering together is one of the best things friends can do together, especially on Valentine's Day!

4) If you do decide to go out to eat, help your server - who did have to work on Valentine's day - by making this one holiday they will never forget because you left a nice big tip! Spread the love, and go a little bit above and beyond this Valentine's Day. You never know how you can be a blessing.

5) Donate plasma. And then use the money you get paid to by someone's gas, groceries, coffee, or whatever. Go about your day and errands, and simply offer to pay for someone ahead of your behind you in line.

6) If music is your thing, contact your local hospital to play some love songs for the patients. Make it a double date and recruit another musical couple from your group of friends. Music is so good for the soul and the smiles it will bring will make it the best Valentine's Day ever for everyone!

7) If you're keeping the fun at home, with takeout and Netflix, enjoy a glass - or two - of wine at home with One Hope Wine! Not only is their wine so, so yummy, but each bottle of wine donates to various causes! The perfect way to celebrate a great day if you ask me!

Happy Valentine's Day friends! How else can you serve others on this holiday of love?



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