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Tell Truth Tuesday | In Between the Squares

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I'm a big fan of social media. From Facebook to Instagram I have made great connections with folks of similar likes and dreams, and receive numerous doses of inspiration on the daily from those I follow along with. I love how technology has connected us with people from all over, and given us each a platform to share our unique purposes.

I see the words AUTHENTIC, TRANSPARENT, RAW, REAL written all over social media sites. And while I do crave to have honest interactions with those on my social media sites, I kind of wrestle with the attainability of it.

Cause what it comes down to is I let you see what I want you to see. I carefully choose the parts of my life to share. Which is often the easy and fun, or the good and the pretty. Our feeds are filled with the highlight reel of everyone's life curated perfectly in 9 squares. While those moments might be honest, they are only parts of the bigger picture of one's life. And there's still a lot unspoken words between the squares.

My hope is to share more of the real life that lies in between my squares. The unplanned and unprompted.

The unscripted.

Cause what would it look like if we felt more freedom and less comparison because we're honest with each other about real life? Our lives are not perfect but they are beautiful. They are filled with glorious messes that change us, inspire us, move us. Let's give each other permission to live the lives we have, instead of portraying the one that isn't real.

So what can I share with you today? What might you not know in between the squares?

Yesterday I shared with you that I measure a successful day by how much I laugh or smile. And it's true, I laughed a lot yesterday. But what you might not know is that the reason I appreciate true laughter so much is because I've been on the other side of the pendulum - when joy felt like an unfamiliar friend.

I know that deep pain exists in this world. We all go through seasons, valleys, and mountains, and there are times joy can feel too far to reach for. So I cherish my laughter. It's a gift I never want to take for granted.

So how about you friend, how can you share more of your real life in between the squares?

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