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Shay | Wisconsin Winter Bridal Portraits

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Today is International Women's Day. Now I know that everyday women rule, but today is a special day to acknowledge the special women in our lives who inspire us to live out the limitless ways it means to be a woman. These Wisconsin winter bridal portraits are just one way we celebrate being a woman today. I am greatly inspired by women through marriage. I do life with some incredible women, and I see that healthy and lasting marriages require a lot of hard work.

On a woman's wedding day she is adding a new layer to her identity. She is no longer just 'Me'. In addition, she becomes 'We'. And living out, and protecting that WE, requires the never-ending discovery of strength, love, patience, forgiveness, and such grace.

And I think that's one of the reasons I love bridal portraits so much.

That photo, snapped moments before her 'I do', tells the beginning of her journey. Have you ever looked at your parent's or grandparent's wedding pictures, and studied the woman in the frame? Admiring her youthful beauty and joyful glow. Before she became a mom, before she gained the gray hair or the wrinkles on her face, before she experienced deep joys and deep sorrows, she was simply a woman. And that photo that stands in the golden frame gives you a glimpse of where it all began. It takes courage to be a woman of kindness, dignity, and strength. And it takes courage to be a wife. Choosing to commit your life and be faithful to another is no simple task.

In the simple moments, after she's slipped into her dress and before she steps into the journey ahead, she pauses and smiles at the camera. And all her wonder and drive to build her marriage is forever captured for generations to admire and be inspired by.


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