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How to Stay Sane and Keep Smiling While Planning a Wedding

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

Planning a wedding is not a simple task, and I don't think people realize how much work is required until they begin to feel like they're drowning in to-dos. It can seem impossible to stay afloat, and the overwhelm can be exhausting. It all can put a great damper on the special season of engagement, and feel like something to just survive and get through than to enjoy and appreciate. From designing save the dates, choosing vendors, finding the perfect dress, planning showers...there is a lot to think about and a lot to decide. Not to mention your normal life still goes on! You're still working a 9-5. You still have hobbies, a family, and not to mention a fiance!

There's simply a lot to juggle and it can feel like you've run out of options on what to do next! So here's a few tips to help you not be overcome by the overwhelm during your wedding planning!

Meditate - Just breathe. Inhaling and exhaling deep breathes is something we don't do often enough. Especially when we get stressed and tense. Clear your head of your worries when you start your day or when you're lying in bed at night, focusing on the in-and-out cycle of your breath.

Ask for Help - You don't need to do it alone. Delegate projects and to-dos to people that offer their help. Let go of control, and I guarantee you will be feel better from the weight lifted off by passing it on. Maybe throw a girls night with some wine and cheese as you stuff and address invitations or craft the escort cards for your guests.

Take Care of Yourself - It's easy to get distracted by all the wedding planning needs and forget to take care of your needs. Make sure you're eating right to help keep your hormones and nutritional intake balanced, and drinking enough water. Exercise has so many positive emotional and psychological benefits. Go take a walk, join a fitness class, or go for a run. The endorphins released during any physical movement will help get you out of overwhelm.

Jot It Out - There are a lot of feeling and emotions that we can experience during the wedding planning. Writing things out can help identify what's bothering you. Journaling is a great way to express and process what is on your mind, and work through some of the thoughts you may be bottling up.

Spend Time With your Partner - Sometimes we can let overwhelm take so much of us we have nothing else to give to those we love. Make sure to plan some quality time with your fiance to stay connected and enjoy one another's company. Simply make time to be together. Catch a movie, cook a meal, play a board game. Do what you love together without any of the wedding talk.

Pamper Yourself - A massage can do wonders for your stress and health. Its benefits are practically necessities in overwhelming times like these to stay well balanced and focused. If a massage is too much of a luxury you can't swing, treat yourself to a bubble bath with the company of some relaxing tunes, scents, and your favorite merlot.

So the next time you feel anxious, and caught up by overwhelm try some of these practical tips so you can stay sane and keep smiling as you plan and prepare your wedding day and marriage.

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