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Why I Love a First Look + Why It Might Be For You

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

What's a First Look?

Traditionally, the groom doesn't see his bride for the first time on the wedding day till she walks down the aisle towards him. The doors are opened, guests rise, and everyone smiles with joy admiring the beautiful bride. Her father gives her away, and the ceremony continues as the two become husband and wife.

The groom's first look of his bride is one of the most desired photos couples desire. It's memorable and honest, and truly a beautiful moment. Most ceremonies take place inside, in front of a lot of people with elements that can't always be controlled by the photographer. Such as guests or phones blocking views, distracting backgrounds, and dark lighting if flash can't be used. This can cause the most anticipated photos by couples to become not quite what they hoped. I love to go over what couples want and expect when meeting with them, and discuss all the options so they truly get the most out of their wedding day experience with me.

A First Look is a more intimate alternative to the groom's first sighting of his bride. I choose the best options on site for just the bride and groom to be. As they anticipate each other and she walks towards him, I get to capture very honest and candid interactions of them both. There's a different kind of emotion that is shared when it's just the two of them, being able to embrace each other in a hug or kiss immediately upon seeing each other, without anyone else watching. I like to distance myself just a bit to help the bride and groom feel more at ease, and to give them a moment to enjoy just the two of them together on their wedding day before everything happens all too fast! It really is a quite special moment to capture. Following the first look, we'll take some time to get more bride and groom portraits. Which actually allows you to receive MORE photos compared to not doing a first look, so you end up getting more from your photography investment!

First Looks before the ceremony of the bride and groom are some of my favorite photos. My husband and I actually did a first look when we got married, and at first Karl was a little hesitant. But when more of it was explained to him, he really loved the idea. After our wedding I asked him if seeing me before the ceremony took away from seeing me walking down the aisle and he said,

"No. Doing a First Look was so special cause I could tell you my feelings towards you right away. We could talk, hug, and anticipate the day ahead together, and I got to experience the surprise of seeing you in your dress separately. Standing at the end of the aisle waiting for the wedding party and for your, and finally seeing you come down the aisle was a waive of emotion that I had waited so long for. It was overwhelming in its own way that the First Look took nothing away from."

Whether it's doing a First Look or keeping it for the Ceremony, it's important to know your options so you can make the best decision concerning your photos so that what you do is what you want for your wedding day and wedding photos. And whatever way you decide to see each other for the first time on your wedding is perfect and wonderful, and no matter what will be special!

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