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Spring 10x10 | 10 Pieces, 10 Outifts, 10 Days

Two years ago I discovered the idea of a capsule wardrobe. A minimalistic and purposeful approach to clothing and fashion. To be intentional and strategic with clothing purchases, and to invest in on only what I love and feel comfortable and confident in. It has been a wonderful journey of purging, purging, and more purging of my closet. Getting rid of things I haven't worn in years but have been saving for 'just in case', and not buying clothes on a whim or an impulse. Every season I go through my closet and carry over or replace items that don't fit or aren't my style, and create a specific list of things to buy. I try to only ethically and support fair trade companies for my clothing, or buying second through online consignment shops or local thrift stores. I never used to consider myself a fashionable person, never caught on to trends or latest styles. But as I continue to discover more of myself, I have learned how much I enjoy fashion to be a platform to express my values in the pieces I choose to wear.

However sometimes I'm in conflict with my minimalist wardrobe. I get bored and feel tempted to follow the pull to want more and 'need' more. I love how fashion is unique to us all, and we can cater it to our lifestyle and personalities. And sometimes when this changes, what we have doesn't fully express us well. So what do we do? Buy new clothes, flip our wardrobe? Wait it out? In this season I don't realistically have the budget for a new wardrobe, and I also don't want to give in to my changing desires. I want to train myself to learn to be better content with what I have. To continue to invent my style and thoughtfully purchase pieces to last.As I've been struggling with my discontentment I discovered the #spring10x10 I thought I would hop on this challenge so I can reinvent some of my outfits and love some of my pieces again.

The 10x10 Challenge was started by Lee of Style Bee. You pick 10 pieces from your closet, and create 10 outfits to wear for the next 10 days. It included, tops, bottoms, and shoes. But it's really less about the rules, and more about the challenge of getting creative with the pieces you already own.

My 10 pieces for the next 10 days are:

To pick my 10 pieces, I first looked at my upcoming schedule and forecast. I'll be traveling, shooting sessions, working from home, celebrating our anniversary and Easter, and getting together with friends. So I needed versatile pieces that could layer with unpredictable spring weather, and accommodate multiple types of events. I also wanted to use pieces I haven't reached for in awhile to try to re invent how I can wear it and love it more! This challenge is really to help stretch my creativity and contentment with what I own. Most people choose 2 pair of shoes. My upcoming week is so varying with the footwear I will require, but I didn't want to use half my items for shoes and I wanted to keep my clothes minimal. So I just included one pair that I anticipate wearing the most. However, I will be wearing other shoes.

All in all I included

  • 5 tops

  • 1 dress

  • 1 outer layer

  • 2 bottoms

  • 1 pair of booties

If you're interested in doing the #spring10x10 you can use this formula too!

Here's the complete wardrobe for the next 10 days!

I'm so excited for the challenge!

Make sure to follow along with my daily creations via Instagram stories! I'll be doing a complete recap at the end of the 10 day, so make sure to come back then!

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