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Tell Truth Tuesday | Daily Affirmations

When you work from home it can be all too easy to go hours without having a physical conversation with another person, which often leaves you talking to yourself. A lot. If you think about it, the one person you probably talk to the most is yourself. Cause does that voice every really stop? And I've been learning lately that how I talk to myself, the thoughts I allow myself to believe, greatly affects how I approach just about everything!

I've seen my voice be my biggest cheerleader, and my worst critic. It has built my confidence and torn it down. It has inspired me to believe in my dreams, and destroyed them before I could even try. The conversations with myself, when left unmanaged can be destructive.

photo by Shaunae Teske Photography

Do you ever have those days. The ones where you wake up, and you already know it's going to be a bad day? You wake up late, forgot to buy more coffee, can't find your wallet. And the first things you say to yourself are You've failed. The majority of the day hasn't even happened yet, and you're already believing the lie that you can't change the rest of the course. This was a pattern of my life for too long, and to tell you the truth, most days still is. I put this huge amount of pressure on myself that the first few hours of my day need to be the best, and if they're not than my day is worthless.

Is this nonsense or what?

I started to see a trend that many of 'my bad days' happened cause my first words to myself that day was:Today's going to be a long day.

So I started to try something new. I once read about the practice of daily affirmations. Simple but powerful statements that strengthen the connection between your unconscious mind and conscious mind. This helps define focus, and increases awareness of thoughts and words helping to better recognize negative thought patterns holding you back. When starting your day with daily affirmations, you're letting the first things you hear when you wake up be positive TRUTHS. Helping to start your day with a clean and productive slate where anything can be possible cause you actually believe it.

My affirmations sometimes change, but there are a few I say every day.

  • I have a purpose today, and I have all I need to do it.

  • I am beautiful and strong, and all of me is enough.

  • This day belongs to God, and I am safe in His hands.

Daily affirmations can be anything. There is no wrong way to do them, as long as you're saying to yourself positive things that you need to hear. I usually say my affirmations 5-10 times, starting by saying them in my head, but ending by saying them out loud. There is something empowering about telling yourself who you will be today and what you will believe.

Affirming myself everyday is a difficult practice. Sometimes I don't want to, and sometimes I don't. And I notice. I experience being less kind to myself, accepting less grace, and experiencing less peace throughout the day. Now, I'm not saying daily affirmations is the secret and key to a purposeful life. No, there are many, many parts. But what I am saying is that my mind can be a powerful tool that requires discipline. I have allowed my mind to have too much authority in my life, negatively holding me back. Learning to have control over my mind, instead of letting my mind control me, has helped me achieve more purpose and peace in my day and I hope you can too!

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