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Celebrating Earth Day Together

Earth Day has always been one of my favorite days! For as long as I can remember caring for our earth has mattered to me, and in high school we even got the day off from school to help care for our earth within our local community! Some of my favorite activities take place outside, and I love finding new ways to implement environment friendly ways into my lifestyle.

So in honor of Earth Day tomorrow, I've got 7 suggestions you and your loved one can do together for tomorrow's date night!

Go Camping. Pack up your tent and cooler, and head on out to spend a night under the stars. Camping is my hands down favorite way to relax, and refresh. Swinging in my hammock with my latest read is a hard pastime to beat. And don't forget the campfire coffee - one of my favorite ways to enjoy coffee in the summer time.

Watch the Sunset Together. You might not be able to completely get away for the day, so take the time to be present for the beautiful sunset display. Drive out to a favorite spot, and watch the sun set cozied up together. Take the moments to appreciate our earth and skies, and how everything works together to help give life.

Pick Up Trash. It's not glamorous but it sure is effective. Commit to picking up littered trash, and properly disposing of possible recyclables, in your neighborhood or nearby park. Grab a couple friends, or make it a double date, and treat yourself to ice cream cones after!

Add a Compost to Your Registry. If you're newly engaged, add a compost to your wedding registry so you can help reduce landfill waste. So much of what fills our landfills could instead be composted and become free fertilizer for our gardens and yards. Committing to composting is a great treat for Earth Day cause it's more than just a one time thing.

Leave the Car. Bike or walk to your favorite local eatery for Saturday night date night. You'll not only be able to soak up some Vitamin D, get some amazing fresh air, and get in a work out, but you'll also avoid adding to one of the biggest pollutants in our daily lives.

Build a Birdhouse or Bathouse. Help support wildlife by building houses for spaces to land. Birds are so fun to watch and bats can become natural repellants with all the insects they consume!

Plant a Tree. There's no better time to add a little greenery to your new backyard than Earth Day! Planting trees, bushes, or plants are not only beautiful decor within your home or backyard, but also helps absorb some of the CO2 in the air!

Happy Earth Day!

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