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Local Highlight | Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry

I had the great pleasure to sit down with local jewelry Alyssa of Alyssa & Anna Fine Jewelry. They are a family owned business that not only makes sunning hand crafted engagement rings, but does so in an eco-friendly way! I love to support local business that are passionate about sustainable practices, so I couldn't wait to meet with Alyssa and learn more about their amazing business and share it with you!

PS, be prepared for some cute puppy overload!

So what's your background? How did Alyssa & Anna begin?

I grew up in the jewelry industry. My dad invented a jeweler's bench, so I started drawing rings at the age of 5. I always had a goal to own a business, at 18 I became a freelance designer, and at 20 I started working on opening a store with my sister Anna.

How do you draw inspiration for your designs? Everything. From art, paintings architecture, different cultures. You just see things and come up with an idea

You are a responsible and eco-friendly business, why it is important to you?

I have always been a big advocate for caring for the environment, it's important to protect it cause it's our only home. The jewelry industry isn't known as an environmentally friendly place, yet people need to learn that there are other options. Our rings are made from 100% recycled gold. The diamonds go beyond being conflict free, from being lab grown or recycled. And everything is hand crafted in the studio making the process even more sustainable.

That is so cool that you have the opportunity to to be a source of education for your clients. Can you share a bit of your process from design to finish?

I begin with hand drawing the design to scale, and either paint or use colored pencils to color it in to see what it will actually look like. Then I create a model in the 3D printer. My dad takes over the production part, the casting process takes about 2-3 days. Then we polish the ring, and hand set the stones.

What advice would you give to couples searching for engagement rings or wedding bands?

Try rings on. Learn what you like and what looks great on you. Emerald cuts are my favorite, but they don't look great on me. Do some research and see where it was made and where things were sourced. Ask questions about their policies, insurance, where they send things out for repairs.

When you're not designing jewelry, what do you enjoy to do in your spare time? Besides hanging out with your adorable pups!

I like to paint, travel, go out to eat, read.

What's your favorite book?

I loved Girl Boss, and enjoy reading art books.

Any upcoming adventures?

I am going to paris next month for an art class.

You are a young entrepreneur, what advice do you have for young aspiring artists?

Not to give up. To work hard but don't make everything about work. Give yourself time to relax, read a book, paint, and do things you love. I think you produce better work when you take are of yourself.

What's ahead for Alyssa & Anna?

We are working on launching an online store!

Oh wow, that's so exciting! How can people reach you?

They can find us at our website, and follow along on Instagram and Facebook

Thank you so much Alyssa for such sweet conversation and sharing more about your wonderful business!

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