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Dear Mom | A Happy Mother's Day

Dear Mom,

There's a special day coming up dedicated just for you, but the truth is every day is Mother's Day. Cause even though I'm grown I still need you. Like calling you in the middle of a grocery store just to ask where the heck the honey is! Or calling just to call cause I need to process life. To be a mom is no simple task, and quite frankly I don't know how you did/do it. Maybe I'm not too keen on having kids yet, cause I"m nowhere close to being the type of wonderful mom you are.

There's a lot I've learned from you, and there's a still a lot I have to work on. Here's a few things that you're great at, that I haven't quite yet mastered like you, mom.

  • Folding a fitted sheet - seriously this is an art

  • Your perfect pancakes - I just can't get that same consistency

  • Epic camping meals - throughout the years you have taken dining outside to a whole new level!!

  • Organizational skills - packing boxes and trunks is like an epic game of Tetris you NEVER lose

  • Waking up before the sun - I'm not sure I'll ever achieve early bird status, I guess I'm like dad on this one

  • Your consistent selflessness - I have watched you give and give, and sacrifice so much for us kids. I'll feel proud in my life if I have a fourth of your ability to put family and others first

You may not know it, but you've set the bar kind of high in my book. You've always encouraged me in following my own path as a person. Even when we didn't see eye to eye, you were there beside me supporting me.

Thanks for teaching me and continuing to teach me in all the areas of life. I hope you take a few moments to yourself today to celebrate the awesome role you're kicking butt in. Being my mom.

Happy Mother's Day,


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