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How I See Love


It's something you feel. And even more something you see.

It's something you choose. Something you choose to believe in.

It's in secrets shared, and fears confessed.

Holding hands, and where shoulders land.

It's in 'I'm sorrys' and 'I forgive yous'.

And the honesty of 'I'm still mad at you'.

It's belly aching laughter

leading to unstoppable tears of joy.

How worries fade with just one look.

Questions are answered without one spoken word.

It's raised voices and slammed doors.

Fast footsteps leaving, and soft steps returning.

In problem solving

And promises to never stop trying

It embraces the best and the worst.

Holds you and carries you.

In celebrations and toasts

In the struggles just to make it work.

It shares in the wide smiles, and deep pains

Inspires the impossibles and crazy daydreams

It's limitless and boundless

Everywhere and everything.

Do you feel it? Do you see it?


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