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Marriage Monday | After 'I Do' What Now Do We Do?

It's no surprise I love weddings! I love all the perfect little details family and friends put so much time and thought into to create a beautiful day that represents the couple. I love witnessing the groom go speechless as he sees his bride for the first time. Or the cherished moment of a father lovingly walking his daughter down the aisle, giving her away. I love capturing the unity of two becoming one, and the joy of grandparents seeing their legacy go on. From the first kiss to the quiet moments in between. The first dance and the joyful sounds of family and friends celebrating together. .

I truly love it all!

But what I love even more than all of this, is the marriage. A wedding is a very special day, but the marriage is what it's is all really about.

And that's what takes real work.

After the hustle and bustle, and the chaos of planning the big day, after the honeymoon, and after the thank yous are sent. Sometimes we find ourselves asking, "Okay, now what?"

And I've found it can be hard to sometimes navigate this new territory together. How do you share your new space with someone? Do you have to hang out all the time together? How do you really share your feelings honestly and respectably when he always leaves his wet towel on the bed and she never fills up the water pitcher!! How do you complain and fight fair? How do you thrive in this new thing called marriage.

I want to be very careful and say that I in no way have this marriage thing figured out. I am not a professional, and I am not a therapist. I'm just a wife who is constantly learning and continually striving to build a marriage that represents more than myself. And the first thing I have learned is that this takes work and intention. And that happily ever after is in no way a fair representation of the true beauty of marriage. But discovering happy and healthy is possible throughout the journey, and I have found it so much more rewarding.

And just as much as I love photographing new marriages, I actually really like talking about it too. I have found having honest conversations with others about navigating marriage to be such a helpful tool in building a strong marriage. And since I'm one of those people that LOVES to share and talk about anything and everything I love, but I can't quite physically sit down with each and every one of you and do that, I thought it would be fun to instead create a series dedicated to marriage once a month. #marriagemondays

A simple place to share with you small things I've learned that has helped me in my marriage. Maybe nothing that I've learned is helpful for you, or maybe just one thing I share throughout is. I just simply want to share, and help marriage be more of a topic we can feel more open to talk about. I hope to keep the series light, but I'm also going to strive to keep it real.

I'll share great books and resources written by others that go way more in depth on topics, and share much more experience than myself! But some experiences I hope to share on #marriagemondays are:

-Managing money

-Learning to communicate

-Becoming a team

-Daily gratitude together

-Loving different personalities

-The importance of dating your partner

-Weekly reviews

-Discovering hobbies together

So that's it, stay tuned!

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