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Dear Dads | A Happy Father's Day

Dads. You're pretty special people.

And I think there is something truly lovely about dads and daughters. Maybe it's cause I'm a daughter myself, or maybe it's because nearly every weekend I see just how precious that father-daughter relationship is in priceless moments I get to pause in photographs.

His face when he sees his little girl dressed as a beautiful bride, his hands holding her tight guiding her down the aisle and proudly giving her away, and those ever tearful father-daughter dances that never leave my eyes dry.

Dads are great people. And every year we celebrate them for a day. Reminding them how much we love them, and just how grateful we are for them. We reminisce on joyful stories, crying as we laugh over hilarious moments that just never get old.

We learn so much from our dads. How to laugh at life's crazy, how to ride a bike or diagnose issues with our cars. How to make a good cup of coffee, and how to survive on just eggs and cereal.

How to be ourselves and love ourselves, and how to extend that love to others. How to work hard and embrace our passions, and how to not let fear get in the way of chasing our dreams in this life.

Dads teach us how to stay up past our bedtimes, to fish, and how to pull pranks. They teach us how to be selfless, and how to stand up for ourselves and others.

From the lessons of our childhood that stick with us into adulthood, "Righty tighty, lefty loosy". We remember everything we learn from dear old dad.

But the greatest lesson a daughter learns from her father how priceless her worth is. That she is not defined by anything other than who she simply is. Precious and enough.

And she carries this worth with such confidence, accepting the love and respect she deserves; when that time comes to be walked down the aisle and say 'I do', it's to a man that cherishes her just like her daddy taught her that she deserves. To a good man who someday too will teach his daughter the lessons of life we learn so well from our daddies.

So to all the dads out there, thank you for all you teach us! Happy happy father's day!

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