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My 2018 Social Media Mission

I've been thinking a lot about the online world. The space for people to share who they are in pictures in squares, tweets, pins, and posts. I've been pondering how to use this community to connect, and what that really means anyways.

I enjoy sharing my life in this online space, and I value being present with the people I'm doing this life with. Throughout most of 2017 I felt the two were in conflict. I found myself wondering more about whether my last post had any likes, instead of the conversation I was physically in with a friend. I found the words, "Just give me a second, I'm finishing something up." to be words commonly spoken to my husband as I was trying to curate the perfect caption and hashtags for a post I was 'behind' in sharing. I felt like I was constantly trying to catch up to 'post this' and 'say this', and begrudging everyone else doing it 'better'. I wasted too much time mindlessly scrolling consuming comparison, and I started to enter the app feeling anxious with all. the. noise.

As a business owner, I know there is a lot to elevate from social media and that this way of marketing isn't going anywhere. But there has to be another way. I need there to be a another way. I don't want to look back and realize all my memories took place with my eyes looking at a life on a screen instead of a heart living it.

So I created a mission statement for myself. My intentions and boundaries for social media in 2018, and I wanted to put it out there in case anyone else can relate too.

Choosing purposeful posts over a perfect feed.

To provoke pause. Spread joy and create laughter.

To inspire further thought, and invoke conversation.

Learn and share what is meaningful.

Invite life and not take away from it.

Promote kindness, authenticity, and goodness;

and celebrate the progress.


Choose more presence and put the phone down when I am in the company of people

Share planned posts so I can be present for my moments, and tell of the

experience after

Use social to share my work, and market my business for potential clients and work opportunities

Keep my phone out of my bedroom and workspace

Follow accounts that promote laughter, inspiration, and community

Use social as a tool for connection, not an excuse for idleness.

Here's to you 2018, to presence and purpose!

Much love,

Kyra W.

PS. What about you! Do you have a social media mission statement or new boundaries for the new year? Share in the comments below

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