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Justin + Emily | Downtown Chicago Anniversary Session

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

I absolutely love photographing weddings, but there's really something special about photographing two people in love after the party is over. After the guests return home, the dress folded away, the thank-yous sent. When life and marriage together begin. Then all too quickly, before you can even a blink, a year passes and you're celebrating your one-year anniversary. Then two years. Five years. Ten years. Together.

Time and years witness so much growth in your knowledge and affection for each other. You see how your love has grown, how your bond has deepened. Your vows have been put to work as you live out the words you promised. Comparable, it might almost feel like you married a stranger on your wedding day as you kiss each other goodnight and turn off the light. You're the same and different all at the same time when you think of all the ways life, its opportunities and experiences, and marriage continues to develop you into who you were created to be.

Each year has its stories. Each year holds its memories. When was the last time you and your partner enjoyed professional photos together to remember them? Common reasons I hear from couples on why they don't experience a photography session together is:

Too busy

Can't afford it

We practically look the same as last year

I don't like how I look in photos

But so much life happens after 'I do!' and through the years all those changes you grow through can simply blur together when you don't have photos to remember them by. Cause sometimes it's the changes we don't always see that make up the meaningful parts of our marriage that photographs help us remember. The year you bought your dream home together. The year you lost your job, or he was diagnosed. The year your family added another member. The year you finally took that vacation. The year you struggled to love how you saw your body. The year's tears were more familiar than laughter.

If we wait for our perfect season to photograph how we want to see our life, we'll never have photos to tell of our real life.

All that life makes up your story. Your marriage. And it deserves to be remembered and shared in photographs. Each year has the good and easy, and the bad and hard. The ways you supported each other and cheered each other on in chasing dreams. Tackling life together from the glorious to the everyday mundane tasks. All the in-between that happens when you live alongside another human being is all something that deserves to be celebrated.

Make 2018 the year you choose to be more intentional to make authentic memories and let photographs help you.

Thank you Justin and Emily for inviting me into your love story! May many, many years of laughter and adventure be ahead for you two. Absolutely love the images we were able to create from your downtown Chicago anniversary session.



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