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Marriage Monday | A Love Through The Changes

Updated: Feb 18, 2021

We were sitting on the blanket, the setting sun giving our skin a golden glow. The sushi to go was left with just a few drops of soy sauce, and our chilled summer shandy's gone. The picnic dinner was good, and simple conversation followed as we watched the magic of seed trees fly slowly with the wind.

It was a surprise date. He came home and shuffled me out to the car with the trunk carefully packed with what I assumed was our dinner. A few minutes into our drive and he handed me a clue. Literally, a note stuffed in a CLUE CONFIDENTIAL file. "It's not very low, but a place to go on special big moments!" "High Cliff!" I giggled. We were going back to where we celebrated our engagement just the two of us just four years ago.

But even though it was the same park, we opted for a new view. Cause really, life's too short to not enjoy a new perspective. And that's pretty true in marriage right? We change. We grow. Each day we become closer to who we are made to be, yet farther from who we used to be. But I think we often view change in marriage, change in our spouse, a bad thing. I don't think many of us celebrate change.

And we throw out the words, "You're not the person I married" as an insult.

But he's right. I'm not the person Karl asked to marry four years ago. He's not the same person I married. And you know what? I'm so grateful.

I'm so grateful the changes. I'm so glad we're changing...

I do want to be cautious in saying I think many others out there have endured and overcome greater and difficult changes, so while I may have things to say. I don't really have things to say. I simply just want to inspire thought for building positive habits towards change earlier in my marriage to encourage a happy and healthy marriage in later years to come.

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