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Hey, 28.

Hey, 28.

You feel good. You look good too. Some things are changing, that's for sure. I try not to linger in the bathroom mirror for too long, cause admittedly there's new lines around my eyes and mouth that can be seen if I look close enough. In hindsight though it's all just signs of a life being lived. And for that I am truly thankful. Maybe even a bit proud.

In just a couple of years I'll be 30 and there's this common theme of dread I witness being expressed for those entering this new decade. Like our youthful years are the only ones that offer success, purpose, and possibility. And there is this tension that we must do all the things we want in life now, or else it'll be too late, we'll be too old. And we begin the bitter cycle of letting age limit us. I'm too old do that or wear that. Too old to go back to school, change careers, or start a family. I'm too old to make that change or dream a new dream.

Age is not the limit, our last breath is. I do not know how many breaths my lungs will breathe, or how many beats my heart will pulse. But I will continue to make the most of what I am given while I have it. So when age hands me wrinkles, I'll honor my joys and sorrows that brought those creases and continue to smile - bigger and longer. When age presents a new color to my hair, I'll be grateful for all the experiences that have shaded my life and made me who I am. And when age gives me a body that shrinks, widens, and sags. I'll keep moving it and be thankful for all the beautiful places and wild adventures my feet took me.

I hope to laugh about the changes, cause I know age will change things, and approach it with purpose rather than fear. I hope to allow it to empower me instead of limit me. To observe the never ending need of curiosity and discovery. To transform my normal as I become and evolve into myself over time. To keep on breathing the beautiful breaths I'm given.

Some wondrous things simply only come with the opportunity to age. You can't rush it or stall it. Simply just celebrate it.

Hey, 28. Let's relax a bit and LIVE.

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