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Joe + Marissa | Sunset Point Engagement Session

During an ice storm in February, with ice cream and a redbox, Joe popped the question!

And Marissa said "Yes!" The two met online and had their first date on Easter, forever making the special day even more memorable. I asked them what they are looking forward to in marriage and Marissa said, "Just doing everyday things with Joe, like brushing our teeth together and having breakfast together. And waking up to seeing him everyday." I love how they already are valuing the simple and mundane, and cherishing the presence of the other.

As if I couldn't love the couple more, their favorite things to do together are hang out with their cats, do puzzles, work out, cook, and go on walks together...Cats, and nature, cats, and puzzles..These are my kind of things!

I adore these two and had so much fun with them during their engagement session. Joe's love for Marissa and how he makes her laugh. Marissa's admiration for Joe, and the way they light each other up when they are together. I cannot wait to celebrate their wedding day with them!

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