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Our Little Garden

This is our first year with the garden. It happened on kind of a spur of the moment. I have always longed for one. Envious of others’ serene spaces and homegrown produce. But I didn’t grow up with a garden and the task always felt out of reach. With so many excuses prolonging an attempt to just try. ⠀ “...When we own a home or have more money...I don’t know where to start or what to do...what if nothing grows...” Perfectionism paralyzes. In the the last year I have been on a journey of realizing how much anxiety and delay in my life the falsehood of perfectionism has brought me. And slowly I am recovering. Continuously chanting to myself ‘it’s good enough’.⠀ So we started a garden. We didn’t know what we were doing. Am learning what could be better. But we are growing FOOD. ⠀ And what a wonderful example of imperfection is a garden. You don’t know where the vines will reach. The plants don’t grow in perfect lines like you planned it. Not all the seeds take root. And each one grows different to the next. And what is harvested is creased, wrinkled, uneven produce. Imperfectly beautiful.⠀ Caring for this space has been so rewarding for my soul. I have a tendency to work till I crash. To sit at my desk without a break for hours and hours. My garden is helping. It requires my attention. To leave my office, step outside, and breathe a bit. To simply rest and give my mind a break. It’s therapeutic, to turn off the work and nurture the plants. To prune, weed, and water. ⠀ I wish I started long ago.⠀ So you know that thing you’re waiting to do cause you don’t have all the pieces figured out? Just go for it.⠀ Succeeding is about learning and trying. Progress not perfection. So don’t let ‘I don’t know what to do’ hold you back any longer. Just about anything we are good at, we once didn’t know! We don’t come equipped with all the answers, so don’t hold yourself to the standard like you do.⠀ ⠀ All you need is the first step. Start there. And let the adventure of it feed your soul.

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