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Inspirations Dance and Fitness | Branding Session

I discovered Inspirations Dance and Fitness, a boutique fitness studio a few miles away from my home in Appleton. I was sold on giving it a try, but was SO nervous about attending a class and being the new kid. I procrastinated for a few weeks and then dragged my friend to finally go with me. ⠀ That was two years ago. ⠀ I cannot express how much I love this place. It’s not only a studio, it’s a family. Looking back, I'm not sure what I was so scared about on that first day. ⠀ Tricia has built such a fun community to be a part of. She’s passionate about cheer leading women in their health and fitness goals, and my days and weeks aren’t the same when I’m not there. I love how it’s a kid friendly studio, offers an assortment of fun classes that kick your butt, and works for REAL women.⠀ I loved spending time with Tricia during her branding session. Branding sessions are a great way to highlight who you are and what your business offers, and to use within websites and other marketing content. I really love these more intimate sessions, getting to know small business owners and collaborating with them to help define their brand for the people they serve. ​

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