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Happy 11th Birthday Little Brother

I was 16 when my parents told us they were expecting. I remember it so vividly. At the time I didn't know what a sonogram was so when my mom passed the picture to me, I swear I thought they were showing us a a tumor. One of my greatest fears happened for a second as I thought our whole world was about to change and one of my parents was sick. But nope, just a baby on the way. In sorts, our whole world did still change. In the best kind of way though. I looked forward to coming home from school and spending time with this new little brother of mine. He would sit in his bouncy seat as I would try to do homework. I was there for his first smile, first time rolling over, first walks, and first words. A part of me struggled with leaving for college and not getting to be a part of his life on a daily basis. Sometimes it's a challenge to just be a big sister and not a second mom. But I try my hardest to be just that. A sibling he can instigate with, have fun with, and learn from.⠀ You're growing up to be quite the kid, Zaven. I love your sense of humor and watching you become your own person with interests, quirks, and talents. I love that God chose our family to bring you into, you have been one of the best gifts to us. It's hard to remember the 17 years before you, I guess something was always missing.⠀ Happiest of Birthday to you bud. You're starting to get too cool for me, but I hope you can do me a favor and never outgrow your big sis.⠀

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