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Northern Lights in the Upper Peninsula

Staying up till 3am just to get this shot may be why I’m sick in bed now, but it was SoOo worth it. I wanted to see the northern lights so bad while we were camping alongside Lake superior. My eyes kept glancing from the campfire to the lake, wishing to will the lights to dance before me. So when they came, I almost couldn’t believe it. I freaked out so much I’m surprised the whole camp didn’t wake up! I was so giddy, and felt like a stranger to my camera fumbling to get the settings right the best I could. And then I cried. For so many reasons this was the perfect gift I needed that day. The maker of this life. Who set the universe into motion. Blows me away. The way he designed me with a yearning to be charmed by his creation is such a blessing for my soul. It brings healing, stillness, and joy. I’m so thankful to know my maker. And the gifts he gives me daily which reminds me of his unfailing love in a world that runs short on it. Still riding this cloud. What a moment I’ll never forget.

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