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Dressember | 2018 Style Challenge

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

It's that time of year again! Less than two months till December, and while most of the American population is anticipating the countdown to Christmas, snow angels, Hallmark movies, and all such holiday fun. The big thing on my mind is dresses.

That's right, this December marks year four of participating in the Dressember style challenge, a campaign focused on raising awareness on human trafficking by wearing a dress every day of December. Like many issues, it can feel too big to know how to help. What can I really do to end human trafficking? When I discovered Dressember, I began to feel a bit of hope. Wear a dress for 31 days. This I can do!

Registration for the campaign opened this week and thousands of us are accepting the challenge and raising funds to support our grant partners who are leading the way in combating the issues of human trafficking. My campaign goal is $500 and I would love for you to be a part of helping me reach it. I’m asking for 500 people to give $1 to sponsor my 31 days of dresses. That’s it. One buck. Cause I believe in the power of little change over time. Small steps lead to a great journey, and I believe in this journey for justice and freedom. I believe it’s worth every penny.

Thank you, thank you for supporting me in this space. For donation information view my fundraising page here:

To learn more about human trafficking and local efforts, visit Eye Heart World, local nonprofit organization dedicated to combating the issue through awareness, prevention and aftercare. I love this organization so much and all they are doing, and that's why for every wedding booked with Kyra Rane Photography a percentage is donated towards their efforts.

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