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Tell Truth Tuesday | Why We Need More Vacations

When you think of a vacation, does it feel like something that routinely exists in your life or more of a luxury that’s too far for reach? The simple definition of vacation is: extended time not working. I used to always say my family never went on vacation. But what I should’ve said was we never went very far from home. As I’m getting older. I realize we vacationed a lot. They took us to beaches and zoos, we visited family on the weekends in the southern part of the state, we went hiking and biking, and camping in the UP. We took a lot of time off as a family to play, and my parents’ work didn’t join them. Whether that play happens in your own backyard or in another state you jet on a plane to. If you’re not working, it’s vacation, and it’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your family. When we let the word exist in it’s true form, does it change our perspective on how we view its experience in our lives? We are overworked, over stressed and our health is paying the price. Americans do not know how to slow down. We get judged when we don’t join the hustle. We compare, and give our work more value based on how long we can go without stopping. But the reality is our work here is pretty meaningless. And what I mean by that is for the most part in 100 years no one will know our names. Maybe family. But in 200 years those people will no longer be around also. So what are we doing with our time. Why do we choose to work, work, work, over presence with our families, loved ones, and community. Why do we worry about what people we don’t even know, and probably don’t even like, think more than the people who actually show up in our lives. So let the work stop for a moment. Seriously, take a vacation.

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