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Tips to Help You Get the Best Wedding Day Photos

1) Utilize a Timeline. When I put together timelines for my couples, I anticipate the unexpected (makeup delays, members of the wedding party getting lost, working around rain, etc.). Sometimes things don't go as planned, and I plan for that so that regardless we can still capture beautiful moments and create a positive experience that will show in your photos. Making a plan for your day not only helps keep everyone on the same page, from your wedding party to your wedding vendors, but it removes the stress of having to figure it out day of and simply enjoy the day! And when you're having fun, it'll show in your pictures! And that's my goal for you!

-hire vendors/professionals so you can be relaxed and enjoy your day

2) Keep it Personal. Sentimental details are your photos best friend. Whether it's your sister's veil, your grandfather's pocket-watch, the same chapel your parents got married in, or his grandmother's wedding ring. The way he tells you 'You're beautiful!' when he sees you for the first time, the way the groomsmen laugh, how your best friend cries when she gives her toast, or the way you smile that only he knows. Your wedding day is full of special moments that you will cherish in photographs and embracing it makes it all the more better.

3) Do an Engagement Session. While this doesn’t happen on your wedding day, having one before can help you connect with your photographer, and feel more comfortable in front of the camera. It’s kind of like a practice run before your wedding day for the both of us. I love being able to get a feel for who my couples are and learn how they interact with each other. Engagement sessions are complimentary to my wedding couples cause I love them so much!

4) Have an Unplugged Wedding. Encourage your guests to be present and a part of your day. So many beautiful moments of brides walking down the aisle have been interfered with by extended arms holding cell phones wanting to capture their own photo to share. Following the ceremony guests want to get their own selfies with the bride and groom which delays family pictures and bride and groom portraits. I understand that everyone is excited to capture their own memories, but it shouldn't cost you. I love taking pictures of guests and sharing those photos with couples. These photos are complimentary to share back and I think it's a special way for you to thank your guests for celebrating with you.

5) Clean Spaces. Keeping areas tidy where photographs will be happening will ease the eye from any distractions in your final images. Getting ready in decluttered spaces and waiting to begin toasts till the caterers have removed head table's dinners can really help take your photos to a new level.

6) A First Look. There’s so much emotion when you first see each other and having a first look gives you the chance to embrace that excitement together and get those special moments captured. To learn more about first looks, check out this post where I talk more about why I love them.

7) All About the Light. Everything about photography revolves around the light. It's helpful to consider areas to get ready in with windows for soft natural light to come through to create the best photos for you. When it comes to finding places for your photos, I base it on where the light is and what it's doing. Sometimes that means standing in an open field so you get that sunny glow. Or sometimes having the wedding party stand by a brick building instead of on a bridge so everyone is in the shade and we don't have overexposed faces. The prettiest area won't be pleasant in a photo if the light isn't there, so the takeaway is to trust me! The more you are confident in my approach the easier it will be for me to capture the moments you want.

8) Relax. The best tip I can give is to not think so much about it. Don’t think about where to look, how to smile, or what to do with your hands. It’s probably best to act like I’m not even there. Just be yourself and ENJOY your day. Laugh with your friends, hug your family, kiss your partner. Let me do the work of capturing it. I promise you there is nothing to mess up.

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