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My Word for 2019

My word for 2018 was motion. Move from where I am, to where I want to be.

Choosing motion helped me get out of the house. Embrace more moments in nature. Take on less work so I could find a healthier pace.Exercise and work out more. Deepen my friendships. Take risks in my business for the sake of at least moving. But motion didn't teach me to move fast. It taught me how much I valued slowing down. And living in small steps. So what's my word for 2019 you ask?


It’s definition to me: To prioritize moments and activities that provide contentment; joy; space for thought, process, and response; laughter; enrichment. I want to delight in the waking hours of my day, the work I create, my marriage, my friendships, the life I’m given to live. To respond with awareness and intention in all the moments that make up my days. Ones planned and the ones unexpected. I suppose, to put it simply, I want more fun. I want to discover my childlike joy that priorities pleasure as a necessity and not a luxury. Life is too short to not have some fun. So. Cheers to the New Year. I’m anticipating delighting in you 2019.

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