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Northern Wisconsin Winter Glam Portraits

Updated: May 20, 2020

Sometimes inspiration hits when you simply getaway. It calls you to swap your comfy cabin sweats for jumpers and bright red lipstick. It leads you outside, where the sun is slowly setting behind cloudy skies and it's 12 degrees. There's no plan, you don't think too hard. You just go with what you got, and get to work. Fast. Faster than your fingers and toes can freeze. And you have fun with the process inspiration brought you. Letting the visions of creation freely come to your mind, and directing it into motion. It's like performing a dance you didn't even know you knew. Oh, the thrill of creating. When you surrender the fears, it becomes so instinctive. A pleasurable reaction to letting my creativity lead me. Inviting it in with open arms. Familiar to the touch, yet brand new. What did we make this time? What a rush.

This is what it's really about. Discovering our own artful expression.

These portraits are a reminder to myself, to encourage me throughout the year why I create and what I create from. The practice doesn't belong in the rules and popular demands but within the creative process. Giving it space and inviting it in. Willing myself to follow as it leads a new dance each time.

PS. Isn't my friend stunningly beautiful? We were on cloud nine creating these shots.