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Tell Truth Tuesday | Pursuing a Life of Healthy In Our Soul, Mind, and Body

Updated: May 20, 2020

Healthy. Everyone’s New Years' resolution. Get healthy, eat healthy, workout, etc.

But how do we define healthy? Typically we view health as being physical. Our bodies success, to work the way it should be acting, as our gauge. Fueling it with natural foods and nutrients so it can function like it needs to. And many of us pride ourselves in the work and the prioritization of keeping our Physical bodies healthy. But our bodies are more than just its physical form. What about the health of our Minds. Of our Souls. How do we additionally focus on sustaining health in these forgotten areas? Often time our mental stresses take on physical forms. Demonstrating the mysterious connections of our body, soul, and mind. Though separate, the three are one. I believe achieving healthy is done when all three are equally engaged. We flourish in this alignment and we become our best selves. And when we are in this state, we experience a deep and rich love for ourselves that overflows to those around us. We love and serve others better when we love and serve ourselves first. And when we prioritize moments to deepen our understanding of self and give time to process, we grow in our awareness of our needs, balance our energy, and become better communicators with purpose. So what do we need to do to achieve this holistic state of healthiness?

  • Is it a morning routine consisting of journaling, affirmations, and meditation? Time spent in silence or solitude.

  • Is it meal prep and more pauses in our day to sit down and eat a dish that fuels our bodies and our minds?

  • Is it prioritizing pleasure in our day? Discovering a new hobby or making time for an old one.

  • Is it saying yes to a bedtime so we get a good night’s rest and not suffer from the troubling issues caused by sleep deprivation?

  • Is it unplugging from our phones because our souls are stifled by its noise and redundancies?

  • Is it committing to counseling sessions for progress and clarity? I’m doing fine, but I want better.

  • Is it prioritizing everyday movement? Through the exercise we define that feels good for our unique body.

  • Is it creating more boundaries to make more margin?

I believe achieving this state of alignment is more natural than we think. But throughout our life, we stray away and forget its power. And it takes work and discipline to find our way back to it again.