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Christian + Jenee | Pamperin Park Winter Engagement Session

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

I had a blast with Christian and Jenee for their Pamperin Park winter engagement session. We had the most perfect weather we could ask for. There was freshly fallen snow, temperatures in the mid 30s, and the sun popped out to shine.

Engagement sessions are some of my favorite things to photograph. It gives me the chance to get to know a couple before their big day, and likewise, it allows the couple to become more familiar with me. Cause lets be real, being photographed by a stranger is a little odd. You have to say sweet things, kiss, snuggle close, be romantic on cue, all while trying to look natural? It's hard to be intimate and not think too hard about it in front of someone you barely know. It can be a lot of ask.

I get it.

Which is why I love engagement sessions so much. We work out all the awkwardness and anxiousness BEFORE the big day. So that come the wedding, everyone is on the same page allowing everything to move oh so flawless.

And you know who often ends up appreciating engagement sessions the most? Grooms! They're usually more hesitant for the session to come, but once they loosen up and get a feel for how it works, they end up being grateful no longer having to deal with the nerves on the wedding day. One less thing to worry about.

I love getting to see my couples interact, just the two of them. Without the high adrenaline of wedding expectations, their family, or the wedding party. Just the two of them together. Embracing their love and anticipation for what is to come. This special time together gives me the advantage to learn how to better anticipate authentic moments that I'll most want to capture come the wedding day. Like the smile she shares when he says something funny. Or the way he reaches for her and holds her close when they're side by side. These interactions are what make up their love, and I love to learn how to prompt them so that they have photos that are genuine and real to them.

The more I can tune into who people are, the easier it is to authentically photograph them. And all the more fun a session becomes. And that's really all I hope for from a session anyways! You see this so evidently in Christian and Jenee's Pamperin Park winter engagement session.

When everyone is in sync with each other, it creates memorable experiences for everyone. I really believe that the more comfortable we all are with each other, the better the photographs will be. Which leads to a better return on their photography investment. Cause no one is anxious about how things will turn out anymore or worried about what's happening behind the camera. Everyone is just having fun and trusting me with the process. And this trust is key to getting the photos you want.

Thank you Christian and Jenee for such a wonderful day, and trusting me with your photographs. I absolutely loved what we captured during your Pamperin Park winter engagement session. I loved getting to know you both more and cannot wait to celebrate your big day this year! <3


Can't get over this winter glow!


Seriously, they are the cutest!


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