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Folklore Inspired Shoot | Appleton, WI

It's no secret I'm a longtime fan of Taylor Swift. So when Sara asked if I would be interested in doing a Folklore inspired shoot - I was ALL in.

I absolutely love this album. It's full of cozy melancholic vibes. That just invite you to cuddle up, take a breath, and pause. And in my opinion, Taylor took her songwriting to a whole new level. I love how she continually pushes herself creatively. Creating beyond genre limitations. I personally find it really inspiring.

There's such freedom in allowing yourself to expand and try new things as an artist. To evolve. What and how you create is not set in stone. You get to decide and change your mind. And choose to break your own creative rules if you want to. Even if it fails. Cause really you're not always creating for the sake of the results, but for the purpose of the process.

This Folklore inspired shoot was such a blast. And so rejuvenating for my soul. I found myself in such a creative rut during this pandemic. With so much heartbreak and pain in the world, I kept doubting if what I had to offer even mattered in a time like this.

Sara's faith and trust in me allowed me to step into a new creative level, and I'm so so grateful.

We wandered beneath the trees, balanced along the lake's rocks, watched the most stunning sunset consume the sky in blazing orange and pink, and roamed through the fields tall grass. We dived deep into our favorite songs and our most favorite lyrics. And while this folklore inspired shoot has all the vibes of drama and somber. Don't be fooled. We laughed A TON and did not hold back on all the silly.


"please picture me in the weeds before I learned civility"


"hood over your head keep your eyes down"


"time mystical time cutting me open then healing me fine"


"You'll find me in my tallest tip toes spinning in my highest heels, love"


"I had a marvelous time ruining everything"


"Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die"


"And I can see us lost in a memory August slipped away into a moment in time"