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Greenlee | Front Porch Family Photos

I grew up surrounded by woods in an unincorporated town. Sure we had a few neighbors. But it's nothing like living in a city, with friends just steps away along the sidewalks. It's my favorite thing about living in Appleton.

That, and streets filled with charming homes with porches.

And there's something really special about our homes isn't there? The spaces that give us shelter. That witness the laughter and tears within its walls. That see children be born and take their first steps and learn to read. I've always been really drawn to capturing families in their homes. Showing the growth and journey together through the years.

And this is one special family to me! They were one of the first people I met when I moved to Appleton, and we are just a few houses away from each other. And fun fact, I have been able to capture and be a part of TWO of their children's home births. One of my favorite things ever!

I'm so down for more front porch/in home/back yard photo sessions. I love the ease and candidness they offer. And would love, love to do more of them! Whose in?