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How to Be a Dream Bridesmaid

Updated: Feb 25, 2021


Okay, folks! This one is for the bridesmaids. For sisters, friends, cousins. Whoever you are standing up on behalf of the bride. Today's blog is for you! So keep on reading, you're going to love it.

So much goes into making a wedding day happen. And part of your job as the ever devoted bridesmaid is to help make it happen. To laugh and cry with the bride as she slips on her dress, to cheering and clapping as their first pronounced husband and wife, smiling through all the must-have portraits, and busting out your best moves on the dance floor.

It's a big job to be a bridesmaid. And I've seen over the years of photographing wedding days, what it takes to be the ever loved dream of a bridesmaid. And the difference good bridesmaids make on the wedding day.

I'm telling you, your presence matters!! It's true. You help set the tone for the whole day.

So in honor of Galentines Day, I thought I would give my best tips for all the upcoming bridesmaids out there. So that the influence you provide serves the bride and promotes the best wedding day experience imaginable for your BFF. Whether it's your first time being in a wedding or you're looking to up your game. You're guaranteed to achieve the best bridesmaid status with these 5 tips.

1) Be a part of the planning process. When the big day finally arrives the bride's only responsibility is to enjoy the day. They spend months planning so they can enjoy it. Yet big events like weddings often have unexpected day-of-needs that really only a bride can answer.

That's where bridesmaids come into play. This is exactly why you are here. To aid the bride and take care of whatever needs come up. Helping them get into their dress, doing their makeup, running to the store for a last-minute errand, and solving day of dilemmas.

It really helps when bridesmaids check in with the bride and offer their services in the planning process. Get a clear vision of what the bride and groom are wanting in their wedding day. Then when the wedding day comes and questions come up, you are prepared to answer and solve them. They never have to even reach the bride. I promise you this will serve the bride so so well. Averting questions and demands from the bride, and letting them fully enjoy their wedding day, make for a seamless day every bride dreams of.


2) Be ready when you need to be ready. Okay, I'm going to give you some really tough love. This day is not about you. *Gulp* I can't tell you how many times the timeline has been delayed because bridesmaids weren't ready. They couldn't find their lip gloss. They didn't like how their makeup or hair looked so they had it redone. They couldn't find their shoes. They forgot their dress. I get it things happen. But it always hurts my heart a little because I see all the hard work the couple put in to investing in their vendors and services. And creating a timeline that allows the best experience ever on their wedding day.

So here's my tip. When the bride sends over the timeline, be prepared to follow it. If the bride doesn't send over the timeline before the wedding, ask them if they can or how you can help create one (I help create timelines with my couples before the wedding so everything can be accounted for and make it easy for them to share with their wedding party and other vendors). And offer to send it out to the rest of the wedding party so that everyone knows where they need to be and when they need to be ready. If you're someone who usually runs late, don't be this day. Hair not quite how you wanted it but it still passes, you'll probably going to look just fine sis. Can't find your lip gloss, please don't hold up the party bus.

I totally get you want to look your best. And I know the bride appreciates that you want to look your best standing up next to her. But. Yes, there's a but. Please don't delay the timeline because you're trying to achieve perfect when good enough is just as beautiful and meets the needs. To wrap it up, the timeline the bride and groom put a lot of effort into creating so they get their dream day shouldn't be sacrificed on your account.

Okay, whew. Glad we got it out there. Simply being prompt with the timeline will take your bridesmaid skills to a whole new level.

3) Be clear. When you're asked to be a bridesmaid, as exciting as it may be and as eager as you'll be to say yes, verify what is expected of you before you agree. Confirm details such as the expected budget for your bridesmaid dress, bachelorette party, and bridal shower. And make sure you can commit to what is being expected and that you have the capacity to help with wedding projects the bride may be. Clearing this up beforehand helps prevent future hiccups that could create stress later for the bride. So lay it all out there first. Then say yes. And dive all the way in to help create their most favorite day ever.

4) Be prepared. Make lists and check them twice. If there's any final tasks you need to do do, do not leave them for the night before. Trust me. There will be something that could use your help the final week. So make sure you can be availalbe by being packed and ready the week before. The bride will be so grateful for your help! Also, take charge of the bride's day of essentials. Such as her phone, chapstick, tissues, bobby pins - and the most forgotten - water! Help her stay hydrated and keep her sipping water throughout the day. Put it all in a cute bag you can gift her with later and claim responsibility of it day of so it's always near and ready.


5) Be present. I 1000% support taking a few snaps of your own to remember the day. But I highly, HIGHLY recommend unplugging and fully immersing yourself in the day. Simply ENJOY being with the bride on one of the most special days of her lives. Be the bridesmaid, not the photographer. Chances are the bride and groom already hired a photographer so that you don't have to be both. Your presence is so valued. Or else they wouldn't have asked you to take on such an honor like being a bridesmaid. So serve them and their investment well by wholeheartedly being present and near. And willing to offer whatever support may unfold.

What I always suggest is taking just a few candid pictures throughout the day. And not the kind that disrupts the bride and groom from having to stop what they're doing and smile at the phone. Then at the end of the night, or the next day, swap photos with other bridesmaids or groomsmen. Now your phone snaps went from 5 to 20 and you get other moments different than yours. And all you had to do was spend 5 seconds airdropping. Instead of multi-tasking photographer and bridesmaid. Win!

6) BONUS!! Please, please, please dance. Whether your moves are mediocre or you're a straight up dancing queen. Hit the dance floor! Especially if no one else is out there. Help keep it active and going strong. Most guests are not willing to be the first ones on the floor, so take charge and lead the way. And help the bride and groom dance too. They're probably making their rounds saying hi to friends and family, and thanking them for being there. Which is why we love them so much! But they need to celebrate and dance too. So make sure to pull them out to the floor every so often so they can soak up every single beautiful moment.