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Life Update | We are...

It's time to share a secret I've been keeping.

I’m going back to school!! And we are moving!!

I’ve been accepted into a marriage and family therapy program at Lipscomb University. And we are moving to Nashville.

Tennessee has always felt like home to me. In 2009, I lived in eastern TN for a summer, and when I came home that August something in me whispered ‘I’ll be back.' In 2016, my sister actually moved to Tennessee outside of Nashville. And after many visits over the years, I've fallen even more in love with the area and state. In 2017, Karl got a job that was going to relocate us to Memphis. We were ecstatic! But unfortunately, the position fell through and we didn't move after all. I was crushed. But I still believed I would call the Volunteer state home again. I just had no clue how or when it would all come together.

I had no idea it would be for grad school or that it would take 12 years for a soft whisper to gain momentum. Looking back I absolutely LOVE how everything has played out. And how everything has collided to this moment in time.

I’m thrilled to learn again. Excited to be in the counseling world. A space I have always felt at home but didn’t quite know it.

We are embarking on a crazy wild adventure here. It will not be easy to leave our wonderful community here. Our church that married us and has cared for us over the last 9 years. Our family, and friends who are like family. My heart already aches over the distance we’ll have for the people we cherish so much.

We also cannot wait for this new chapter and to settle into Tennessee.

So a few things:

When are we moving? We don't have an exact date yet, but we are tentatively planning on moving mid-August 2021. Classes start at the end of August so this allows me to capture most of this year's weddings while still in Wisconsin.

Can we still book a session with you this summer? Absolutely! July and some of August is still available for bookings. And I would love to capture a lifestyle session before we move. I will be taking on a limited number, so make sure to book here.

What does this mean for Kyra Rane Photography? For current and upcoming couples, nothing at the moment. All of my couples whose weddings are after my moving date have been updated. And I'm 1000% dedicated to their wedding day and I can't wait to come back to Wisconsin to capture it.

As for new business moving forward, I'm thrilled to be continuing my partnership with Shaunae Teske Photography and continue photographing love stories in Nashville as an Associate photographer while I'm in grad school. What a dream.

Are you still going to be a photographer? I'll always be a photographer. I was a photographer before I started my business, and I'll be one after. I love documenting my life and I'll always have a camera with me. My business isn't what defined that. I believe there's room for us to be many things. I love that our careers can evolve, and ebb and flow. And I'm looking forward to seeing how that unfolds for me.

Thank you for being on this wild adventure with me. I started this business in 2015 and it has been an amazing journey. I never imagined the love stories I would be blessed to tell. The milestone moments I would get to witness and the growing families I would photograph. Thank you for being the reason I could have a photography business at all. Thank you, thank you.

So pour a glass of ice-cold sweet tea, please. And let the packing begin!

Nashville here we come!