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Matt + Thea | Country View Backyard Wedding

"She had never forgotten me, and I had never stopped thinking of her. One last time, our love ignited into the mature blaze that burns today, seasoned with life experiences, tempered with hard life lessons.

It had been twelve years, and in that moment, it was as if not a day had passed. Her voice as familiar as it was back then; His nature as true as it had always been. The stars aligned, and we knew it was right.

And nothing could hold us back from our future together once the hands of fate set in motion."

Matt and Thea were high school sweethearts. Though life took them in different directions, twelve years later they found their way back to each other again. And now they are married!

It was my absolute pleasure to capture this beautiful day of celebration and love. Surrounded by the dearest family and friends. It was a joy and honor to witness their love story continue.