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In West Philadelphia...

February 22, 2016


In the middle of December I had the great joy of second shooting with my good friend Mandy of Everyglow photography for her friend's wedding in Philidelphia.


And cue...The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air! :D


This was a trip I will never forget! Even though we were working, we made sure to have some fun! We took a day to be tourists and snapped  lots of photos, parallel parked like A BOSS - Well, Mandy did. I am a big city driver WUSS - and enjoyed the historical and happening life of Philadelphia. Our week together consisted of Starbucks, Bridesmaids quotes, Justin Bieber serenades, missing exits, and so much laughter I'm pretty sure I came back with abs. Okay, well that might be a lie but you get the point! It was a great week!!


Here's some pictures, enjoy!

 Cause when two photographers are tourists everything beautiful becomes a photo-op

There is something magical about walking through history in Inependance Hall

 This was a moment of PURE JOY!

  This is my "That's the freakin' liberty bell" face

 I fell in love with Phili's architecture

 Enjoyed some Cheese Steaks, and Love Park at night!

 Wisconsin represent!! I love Whole Foods!


 Sometimes I like to be all dramatic with the light

  Found some packer fans at City Center

Some shots that Mandy took of me, helping test light and excited to be dancing something by Bieber I'm sure ;)

 It was a cold, cold day but the wedding was a success!

The house had a cat, we were in our element. And then the last day Mandy-the cat whisperer-rescued a little kitty from the roof. Just your typical adventures.

Phili, I really kind of love you.


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